Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the US
Two-thirds of US women who die suddenly of a heart attack had no symptoms
50% of heart attack victims have normal blood pressure
50% of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol
Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women over age 25 in the United States

Why We Are Different

Here are the reasons why HeartSavers services are superior to other heart disease detection methods:

  • Earliest identification of heart disease known today

  • Fast, non-invasive, and affordable

  • Evidence-based methods of early detection

Earliest identification of heart disease known today

Other detection methods like ultrasound, MRI, CT Scans, X-rays, blood tests, executive screenings, and stress tests can only identify heart disease at later stages, when plaque has built up in the blood vessels and have started to deteriorate the health of the heart and blood vessels.

HeartSavers method identifies heart disease at a much earlier stage, before plaque has built up within the blood vessels. Our method identifies the elasticity of your small blood vessels (where most cases of heart disease starts) and which the hardening of the small arteries and then large arteries leads to plaque build-up and then strokes/heart attacks.

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We are also different from traditional blood pressure management and cholesterol management in that we deal with disease markers rather than risk factors.

HeartSavers detect and measure cardiovascular disease markers, not just risk factors. This means everyone can be tested regardless of age, stage of life or disease progression.

Risk factors are measurements such as blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar levels.

While risk factors may be statistically linked to the risk of cardiovascular disease, they are not the disease.

Not everyone with cardiovascular disease will exhibit abnormal measurements, that is why disease markers offer early assessment of your artery and heart health.

Disease markers can be detected LONG BEFORE symptoms arise and anyone, at any age, can be tested.

Treatment of disease, if present, is much more important than treating risk factors.

Treatment of disease at an earlier stage is very inexpensive compared to later stage disease treatments.

Fast, non-invasive, and affordable

Our services are fast, non-invasive, and affordable. Our Cardio101 service takes only 15 minutes.

Our second level Cardio1000 service takes 1 hour.

Please call us for insurance information.

No radiation is involved with our services. For our second level Cardio100 service, laboratory blood work will involve drawing blood from your finger and/or arm. Otherwise, all of our other service elements are non-invasive.

Evidence-based Detection

Evidence-based detection. Our services have been proven through controlled research protocols at the Rasmussen Center for CardioVascular Disease Detection at the University of Minnesota since 2000.

Rasmussen Center results have been widely disseminated at primary care medicine and preventive cardiology conferences and seminars throughout the USA and abroad. Recent publications are appearing in leading medical journals. Over 600 articles and 30 research studies have been published regarding our small blood vessel elasticity device.

Evidence-based medicine (see definition here) has continually supported our services for over a decade. Our research and third-party independent research studies provide conclusive evidence of our methods.  In our last clinical study, we have zero false positives and very limited false negatives - very good results. Thus, the chance of being wrongly diagnosed is almost zero, and the chance of not being identified with heart disease is very low.