Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the US
Two-thirds of US women who die suddenly of a heart attack had no symptoms
50% of heart attack victims have normal blood pressure
50% of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol
Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women over age 25 in the United States



FAQ Physicians

How do I make a Referral or a Request for Consultation to your clinic?

Download our referral and request PDF form here.

You can submit the PDF form to our fax number at 612-564-7151.

If you have any questions regarding Request for Consultations and Referrals, please call us at 612-545-5956.

Why Should I refer my patients to you? Don’t I have the potential to lose a patient to a specialist?

HeartSavers™ encourages physicians to refer patients to our heart detection clinics for a number of reasons.

First, we specialize in early heart disease detection. We know the latest research, studies, and technologies that provide a cost effective, evidence-based medicine approach to heart disease detection. We truly are the heart disease detection experts, and with heart disease being the largest cause of death and largest cost to the healthcare system, it is in the patients best interest and the healthcare systems best interest for your patient to get screened.

Second, you are still in control of your patient, and in most cases you are in control of their individualized care plan that we provide and recommend for them. We can be a valuable partner for you and your patients, and we seek to enhance and broaden the relationship you have with your patient.

Only in a very few instances will we recommend a patient to see a specialist or cardiologist. While this would be inevitable anyway if the patient did not go through our screenings, it is still in the patients best interest to be treated accordingly. Also, in most cases the patient is referred to a specialist within the same provider system, so in a sense you are not losing a patient, you are just sending the patient to a different area of your organization.

What Evidence-Based Medicine is behind your services?

Our services are backed by decades of research, years of clinical studies, over 600 published articles, and years of clinical services. We are an affiliate of the Rasmussen Center for CardioVascular Disease Detection at the University of Minnesota.

Click here to be taken to a detailed page that lists most of our key published research.

I would like to partner with you. Who should I contact?

For partnership opportunities and information, please contact us.