Cardiovascular disease - #1 killer of US women over 25
Twice as many US women die of heart disease & stroke than all forms of cancer, including breast cancer
Two-thirds of US women who die suddenly of a heart attack had no symptoms
A third of women die of heart disease. However, only 20% of women it to be their own greatest health risk

About Us

HeartSavers specializes in heart disease detection.

Earliest Identification of Heart Disease Known Today

Other screening methods like ultrasound, MRI, CT Scans, X-rays, blood tests, executive screenings, and stress tests can only identify heart disease at later stages, when plaque has built up in the blood vessels and have started to deteriorate the health of the heart and blood vessels.

HeartSavers heart disease detection method identifies heart disease at a much earlier stage, before plaque has built up within the blood vessels. Our method identifies the elasticity of your small blood vessels (where most cases of heart disease starts) and which the hardening of the small arteries and then large arteries leads to plaque build-up and then strokes/heart attacks.

HeartSavers is affiliated with the Rasmussen Center for CardioVascular Disease Detection at the University of Minnesota.